about melanie

Whether it be through her childhood days of rescuing local wildlife from neighborhood pets, or through her current nonprofit communications work which aims to protect wild nature around the world, Melanie’s commitment to wild animal and land conservation emanates throughout each and everyone one of her actions.

Melanie Hill is the Communications Director for the WILD Foundation, where she works to attain local and international interest of the nonprofit’s work through a variety of online platforms, strong visual elements, and engaging appeals. She graduated from Kent State University with a BS in Photo-illustration, and upon graduation, completed a year of service with Americorps NCCC. Her time in Americorps demonstrated the tremendous difference a small group of determined individuals can make in a short amount a time – something she has come to greatly admire about WILD throughout her 5+ years with the organization.

In addition to her work at WILD, Melanie is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Media and Public Engagement at the University of Colorado. Her thesis work focuses on utilizing visual storytelling and community engagement to generate a stronger awareness and understanding of human-predator conflicts in Colorado’s Front Range. Melanie believes these two tools will empower local communities to become more proactive and help reduce these types of conflicts, thereby protecting essential wildlife such as black bears, coyotes, and mountain lions.

In between her work and studies, you can find Melanie outside exploring Colorado’s extraordinary mountain terrain with her dogs, and volunteering as a bearsitter (AKA a babysitter of bears) and wildlife transporter.